An introduction to your photographer…

It’s the third day into the new year, it’s 61 degrees outside and sunny, and we were hungry. After my husband, Kaleb, fed our two kids chocolate cake for breakfast (yes this happens occasionally) we ventured off to our favorite local taco shop for some authentic pozole, sans kiddos.

My honorary Mexican husband.

Y’all…it was good! Here’s the aftermath…


We went home with full bellies and in need of a nap but we went to the park instead. It was 60 degrees in January, why wouldn’t you go to the park?

With both kids in tow, we went to Duck Pond Park. The location of my very first paid session. Slides, trees, ducks, and fountains…the whole shabang. I basically had to drag this little girl home afterwards.

That face gets me every time.

That in a nutshell is our life on a Sunday…I just wanted to show you that I’m just a normal person who gives her kids cake for breakfast and takes them to the park to insure they get a good nap in the afternoon.
After all the Sunday Funday events, we went back home and watched goofy movies while I edited my latest session. It was a good day y’all!



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