366 Project | January | Personal Project

Today was the very last day of January 2016. It was a beautiful day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Tomorrow starts a new work week, a new month, and maybe even some new dreams. Who knows? It’s still early.

As my husband fires up the grill to cook some burgers and hot dogs for dinner, I’m sitting on the couch thinking about how quickly this month went by. I started the 366 project this year after the complete and total failure of the 365 project I started last year. The idea of the 366 project is to take a photo of your life, your family, and everyday events so you can look back at your year in photos and appreciate those little moments again. Also it’s a Leap Year so add a day for science’s sake. Sometimes as photographers we forget to turn the cameras on ourselves and the families that complete us, this project helps with that little problem.

January came with a new job, one or two new friends, a crazy awesome hair style, some tears, and tens times as many laughs. I’m not saying it was perfect and covered in glitter and sprinkles but it was pretty good.

Here are days 1 – 31 of my 366 Project.

(Click to enlarge)



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