Cindy + Kelli – Dallas, Tx

To be completely honest, I never thought I would ever consider myself a wedding photographer. I remember the stress of that day from my own wedding and I couldn’t imagine being the photographer in charge of capturing every memory from such a special day.

That being said…I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the sweet quiet moments while everyone is getting ready. I fell in love with the happy tears that fell during the ceremony. I fell in love with the details that even a simple wedding gown could have. I was there to photograph those special little things. To give those memories to a happy couple so they could relive that day over and over again.

Cindy and Kelli got married at the Unity Church of Dallas on a cloudy overcast day on February 14, 2016. Their children Luke, Zachary, and Hailey were right there by their side the entire way. Zachary walking his mother, Kelli, down the left isle and Luke, walking his mother, Cindy, down the right. Little Hailey leading the way. It was a sweet, simple, ceremony full of laughs, tears, and handwritten vows to one another.

It was a beautiful day of amazing memories and I would do it over and over again if I could!

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from Cindy and Kelli’s wedding day…

(Click to enlarge)

Congratulations to Cindy and Kelli!



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