366 Project | March | Personal Project

March was a pretty busy one for us. We have 3 birthdays in these 31 days. Kaleb is the 2nd, Tabitha is the 4th, and I’m the 17th. I guess you can call it the month of growth. Everyone changed a little bit in tiny ways. Maybe the thought that just one day, going from 2 to 3 or 28 to 29 or 27 to 28, can really make a difference. You feel a little older and a little wiser and maybe even a bit taller (not 5’2″ me). In Tabitha’s case you get presents and everyone sings to you in front of cake so life just got that much sweeter.

Looking over the last 31 days of my project I see my husband starting a job that he now loves. I see my daughter discovering a new passion for creepy crawlies. She decided that any and all bugs are her friends and that princess dresses from Grandpa was her wardrobe of choice. I see my son loving on his sister and getting through some pretty stressful testing days. I’m so proud of that kid. Then there’s me. I can see that my style, my vision, my everything is changing and transforming into something that I love. A little darker, a little cooler, but still me. I’m branching out more in my business and have feelers out in the wedding world for second shooting opportunities and have made some pretty great connections so far. Weddings are a genre that I am anxious to do more of. I feel like it’s going to turn into a major part of my future because I love it so much already.

So here’s goodbye to March and hello to April *waves*

Here are days 61 – 91 of my 366 Project.




5 thoughts on “366 Project | March | Personal Project

  1. Daily photo projects are really fun and the photos you took to document March are lovely! My fave is the one of your daughter in the purple dress holding an umbrella. I meant to do a 366 project this year but just never got on top of it but looking at your photos makes me want to start one for April onward.


  2. Beautiful pictures! My family all has birthdays within a few weeks of each other too; my mom’s is February 28th, my brother’s March 5th, mine March 19th and my dad’s April 11th… it is for sure birthday season for us too!


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