366 Project | April | Personal Project

April went by so quickly, it basically went from March to May. There were some great times right there in the middle though! We got a sandbox in the backyard. Lots of messy, gritty, sandy fun going on back there now. We took our very first zoo trip as a family and Tabitha’s very first zoo trip ever! The Dallas Zoo to be exact. It was the perfect overcast day. Not too cold, not too humid, and with a small threat of rain all day long that never came. We arrived just in time for meet and greets with the animals and their trainers. We saw some elephants up close, spoke to her keeper, and watch her eat lots and lot of apples. We even got to feed giraffes and OMG…I am basically in love with giraffes now. They’re adorable.


Seriously. My favorite moments of the whole day were these giraffes. Aidan even loved them too. Such a great day!

We had a lot of rainy stormy days and even the threat of a tornado in April. Thankfully it never reached our part of town, just wind wind wind. Tabitha and daddy spent an entire week fishing towards the end of the month while he was out of work recovering from some dental work. She even got her first rod. A pink princess rod and tackle box. Very Tabitha. Even now, she talks about “going fishing tonight”. She’s her daddy’s girl for sure.We added 4 new fishy members to our family that week as well. Han, Leia, Luke, and Darth the Beta fish.

That basically sums up our April. I can already tell you that we have a super busy May coming up. I have 3 weddings I’m second shooting for in 1 week and lots of sessions booked. It’s going to be a busy busy month for sure!

Here are days 92 -121 of my 366 Project




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