Baby Glover | Maternity Session | Irving, Tx

There’s just something so magical about a pregnant woman. That sweet round belly, the excitement you can see in her face, the way she talks about her future child. It’s just pure joy.

I met Christal and Tyler for the first time at their maternity session at the end of a cool April day. The forecast was set for a 60% chance of rain but all there wasn’t a threatening cloud in the sky. It was love at a first site for me, I must admit. Dressed impeccably and both looking BEAUTIFUL, my mind raced with all the possibilities of their maternity session and I couldn’t wait to get started. Every shot was perfection, minus the mosquitoes of course. They told me about their business and how my blog (Yes, this blog) was part of the reason they booked with me in the first place. Tyler told me that my husband and I reminded them of themselves which was pretty flattering. I was just happy to know that someone is reading this, hahaha! We also came across some little visitors during our time together. A few little butterflies were just infatuated with Christal’s belly during one of our shots and the couple became giddy with excitement. It turns out butterflies were the reason Christal found out she was pregnant to begin with. It warmed my heart to think that this was their way of blessing our little session. I get to be a part of their story now.

Stay tuned this summer when I shoot the Glover family’s newborn lifestyle session when little Baby Glover makes his or her debut! I do know one thing for sure…that baby is going to be GORGEOUS and so so loved!

Here are some of my favorites from Christal and Tyler’s maternity session…


Congratulations to you both!


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