Wedding Week

Since I had my little revelation and new found love for wedding photography, I decided to just dive right in. Head first of course, because that’s my style. I asked around for second shooting work and acquired them fairly quickly because I’ve met some pretty awesome people. #CommunityOverCompetition y’all! Before I knew it, I had 3 weddings to second shoot all within 6 days. Planning was needed. Sitters were¬†booked. Then, all of sudden, it was time! Boy….WHAT.A.WEEK. It was such a learning experience. Like a crash course in wedding photography. Weddings are so different but at the base very similar so I learned a lot from 3 fantastic photographers. I will be forever grateful to these women, you know who you are! All 3 of you taught me so much and gave me a memorable week.

So here you have it, my crazy wedding week. 3 weddings. 6 days. All in Fort Worth oddly enough.



I had such an amazing week. I’m so excited to do more!!


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