366 Project | May | Personal Project

I have been sitting on this blog post for….22 days now. Whoops! Sorry y’all. I’ll try and not to be such a procrastinator. Lolz. Did you believe that? No. Good. You’re learning.

May, may, may…what can I say about May. Tabitha learned how to draw people. We’re not exactly sure when she learned but one day she drew that happy little person on the doodle pad and now we see them every so often on a spare piece of paper. I think this phase, the doodle phase, is probably my favorite. I still remember Aidan’s first little happy person. Very similar to his sisters. Still adorable.

Another big deal in May, I purchased my 85mm lens! It’s a beast and I adore it. It has not been wasted at all. I took my new baby to 3 weddings and it was the bomb.com. You can see some of the photos from those weddings here.

To top off the sweet month we had, a little something to bring us back down to Earth. My husband was in a pretty bad car accident because of another drive who fell asleep at the wheel. I was woken up at 3am to a phone call from him. Not a phone call anyone wants to get of course. He walked away with only minor injuries but our beautiful SUV that we picked out when we were dirt broke and still dreaming was completely totaled. We’re hopeful that everything will work out for us soon though. Thinking good thoughts of course, because that’s how we get through things like this.

Here are days 122-152 of my 366 Project





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