366 Project | July | Personal Project

The first full month of summer. Swimming, sticky popsicles, and long sunny days. I’m honestly not a fan of Texas summers. Something about my face melting just makes me cranky. I can appreciate my children’s love for it though. Tabitha loves to run around in the pool and sprinklers and Aidan loves the break from school of course. What’s not to love when you’re a kid?

I always try and plan an long stay in Lubbock every summer break to visit my Dad, step mom, sister, and all of my extended family on my dad’s side. One week or two usually depending on what we can manage. This year we got to spend two whole weeks visiting. My kids ask to go all the time which is funny because when I was little, all I wanted to do was leave Lubbock.

While we were there I made my famous lasagna, which is always requested when I’m there without fail. I even taught Aidan how to cook it this time! Tabitha did a lot of painting and played with the dogs. Aidan hung out with his Uncle Nick (my brother is a year and half older than him). We visited some fun stores with the best furniture! I need to bring a truck the next time I go. We, of course, had a big family cookout because we ALWAYS have a cookout. At the end of it all my dad requested some family photos for his walls since the last ones we took my brother was a baby. Hahaha. All in all it was a good trip! I won’t lie though, I missed my husband. He had to work and couldn’t join us so it was nice to finally see him again at the end of the month.

And that concludes July! On to August!

Here are days 182 – 212 of my 366 Project…




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