Stunning Dallas Maternity Session

Fontana and her families stunning Dallas maternity session is one that I just could not wait to share in it’s entirety on the blog! The sunset, setting, outfits and of course the people could not have been more harmonious and gorgeous. It really is the best feeling for a photographer when we get to shoot on an evening with a golden sunset. I love how that golden sunlight is streaming through the trees in such a soft way. Fontana’s entire session was such a joy for me to edit! She absolutely cannot take a bad photo, and her little boy is too precious!

Maternity session styling

Fontana chose three different gowns for her maternity session and looks amazing in all three! She chose three colors that are all so pretty to photograph: black, blush pink and cobalt blue. I found it really fun to see how each color gown brought about a whole different mood within this one session. Even with the three different colored gowns, we kept some consistency with each gown being long sleeved and having a similar silhouette. It is so important to choose gowns for your maternity session that you feel confident and comfortable in!

I can’t forget to mention dad and sons adorable matching outfits throughout the session, I love the styling in this session! It helps add variety of posing to maternity sessions when the whole family is involved for part of it. Fontana’s solo maternity shot posing was so effortless, she knew exactly what to do. It also helps that we have been working together for so long, we have gotten into a great flow during sessions!

The jones family maternity session

I first met Fontana when she was a bridesmaid for her sisters wedding back in 2017. We clicked immediately and since then I have been able to work with her several times! I’ve been around for so many big life moments for Fontana and her family. I photographed her engagement session, both of her maternity sessions, and I will be her wedding photographer next year! Becoming a families go to photographer is such an honor and is one of the best parts of my job.

Stunning dallas maternity session gallery

Abigail Elizabeth’s Newborn Session

Abigail Elizabeth’s newborn session was such a joy for me to document! I cannot get enough of the bright whites, and neutral tones in their home. I love capturing babies facial expressions, they are too cute! Newborn sessions are laid back and we work on babies time. Working on babies time means that I come prepared with plenty of patience! I show up to your home ready to work with baby and get some amazing images.

Something unique that I offer for my newborn session clients is the option to bundle sessions together. When you find out you are expecting, there are so many options available for how to document the journey. I suggest doing it all and not missing out on any of these beautiful firsts. Do you want to know an affordable way to not miss a moment? Inquire about bundling your maternity, fresh 48, and newborn sessions together with Amanda Raylee Photography! Together we will plan your dream sessions to document your pregnancy!

How to get the most out of your newborn session

I know that bringing home a new baby and getting into a brand new routine can be just as challenging as it is exciting. Newborn sessions shouldn’t be stressful! Newborn sessions are meant to capture some of the most precious moments at home with your newborn.

I always suggest sticking to neutral colors, both for outfits and choice of which rooms we will be shooting in. This helps create a serene, classic and clean look to your photos. Client’s most commonly chosen rooms for in home lifestyle newborn sessions include the nursery, master bedroom and living room. However, these room options are only suggestions. Don’t hesitate to suggest other rooms in your home, I am always open to different requests based on your unique home! Another tip I have for new parents, make sure your newborn is well fed before the session begins. Naturally, sometimes breaks are needed throughout the session. A happy and full baby always helps things go smoothly! Abigail Elizabeth’s newborn session was one of the sweetest I have photographed, check out the gallery below. I can’t wait to chat with you about your dream session!

Abigail Elizabeth’s newborn session gallery