The Flores Fort Worth Wedding

The flores Fort Worth wedding

The Flores Fort Worth wedding at Four Eleven wedding Venue was one for the books! I really enjoy shooting at this venue as it is perfect for couples who want a one stop shop for their big day. Four Eleven has space for the ceremony and reception all in one. This venue has a unique vibe that couples and vendors alike fall in love with.

Christopher and Desiree

Christopher and Desiree got engaged in Rome, Italy in December of 2018. Talk about an absolute dream proposal! Desiree had been learning Italian prior to their Italy trip, so Christopher knew this would be a memorable place to ask her to be his forever. Christopher and Desiree had been out sightseeing and after getting a bit carried away wine tasting, headed to a romantic dinner. Christopher had placed coasters on the table that said “Desiree will you marry me!” in Italian! I think their proposal story is just the cutest, what a creative move on Christopher’s part!

Desiree and Christopher love soccer, true crime, Scotch, bowling, breweries and traveling together. I love that they are a couple that shares their passions with each other! This close bond is obvious to everyone around them and makes them such an easy couple to love.

For their wedding day, they chose a color scheme of black and navy with gold accents. Such a unique and stunning combination of colors for their decor! It is fun for me when I get to document a wedding day with so many special details. One of my favorite details from the Flores wedding are Desiree sparkly wedding shoes! These shoes were such a playful touch and not to mention so much more comfortable than traditional heels. I also really loved the embroidered handkerchief with their initials and wedding date.

Desiree and Christopher did a phenomenal job making their wedding day one to remember!

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Mrs. Austin | Bridal Session | Flower Mound, Tx | Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

I have been waiting on pins and needles to share sweet Kenzie’s bridal session. I knew from her adorable personality and love for details that she would pick an amazing dress and have a few extra things to make her bridals super special. I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Her gorgeous, lace, fitted gown from Providence Place fit her like a glove. She also brought along the perfect boho hat and cathedral veil. I added the peacock chair and we were good to go.

The woodsy park complimented her session beautifully and even went perfectly with the theme of her wedding (it was yesterday and utterly gorgeous, I can’t wait to share).

I always recommend bridal sessions to my future brides! I love them! I know it’s more of a southern thing and sometime we don’t always want all the attention on just us but it’s so magical being able to get all dolled up in your gown more than once and feel like a princess.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the session.

The Davis Destination Wedding | TRS Coral | Cancun, MX | Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

I shot a wedding in Cancun, Mexico. That’s a real thing I get to say now y’all and I never thought it would be possible, to be quite honest with you. It was a real life dream come true and I knew from the second I walked into my hotel room, with the cheesiest smile on my face, that it would be on my blog FOR SURE.

This summer I needed to do something creative. I needed to stretch my wings a little and just shoot for fun. I picked a super cute, super in love couple off of my Facebook newsfeed and there was Cody and Brandon. They were affectionate, romantic, slightly inappropriate but hey, who in love isn’t? We made a little magic together that evening and it’s still one of my favorite sessions.

Dress: Reclamation Design Company

Not very long after I got a message from Cody asking if I might be interested in shooting their wedding in Mexico. UM, YEAH! Up to this point I avoided anything with travel because of my youngest daughter but she’s a bit older now and daddy can get her to sleep better than I can most nights so I was so on board for this adventure.

Five months later my passport was acquired, bags packed, and I was on my way to Cancun all on my own. I had so many butterflies traveling to another country by myself but hey what’s a little nervousness when you’re on your way to paradise right? I managed to survive the shuttle to the resort and I put that loosely because if you’ve ever experience a shuttle or taxi driver in Mexico then you know that the speed limits are mere suggestions there.

We pulled up to the breathtaking TRS Coral resort and from the second I arrived, I was spoiled and, again, cheesing like a kid on her way to Disneyland for the first time. It was amazing! If you don’t believe me, see below.

I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend there in a room bigger than my first apartment! The first day I spent half of my time exploring, then eating, and finally laying on the beach working on my tan as you can see here…

The second day was wedding day. I ate a delicious breakfast at one of their many fancy restaurants. Is eating alone on a resort full of couples and families a little weird? Yeah honestly, but I was pretending I was some rich lady getting away from the hubbub of regular life and I was fine. Photo of deliciousness here…

After that it was beach time because I’m dangerously low on Vitamin D, probably. Two short hours later and RAIN! Now normally, when you live in Texas, rain means oh no it’s going to be muddy, humid, and awful all day long. Not in Mexico! It actually rained like three times on wedding day. Once on our way to the ceremony. True story. Everything was fine. You’ll see soon.

After the rain, time for room service and getting myself all pretty for the wedding. I try to look my best for y’all. You’re welcome, lol. No photos of that lunch because it’s really embarrassing how much room service I ordered the entire weekend.

Finally it’s time for the wedding! Prep in the bridal suit then prep in the grooms suite. Golf cart to the ceremony, pause for rain, and here we go. Until you’ve seen a beach with bleach white sand and water so blue it rivals our bluebonnets it’s hard to imagine it. I couldn’t have chosen a better ceremony location. There were crowds of people watching from the water and all along the beach side but it didn’t seem to bother our sweet bride and groom. There was plenty of laughter, tears, and a little making out. It was perfect. Afterwards there was a lively celebration, drinks flowing, and cake smashing of course. All in all, the best day ever mixed with the best vacation ever.

Shooting a destination wedding was on my “Maybe It’ll Happen One Day” Bucket List, right along with LEARN HOW TO SHOOT MANUAL when I got my first camera. Being able to mark it off is a real life dream come true. I can’t thank the new Mr. and Mrs Davis enough for bringing me along on this trip of a lifetime. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness and make out sessions.

I hope this brings so many more wonderful adventurous couples who would love for me to tag along. I’m game if you are!

Here are some of my favorite moments of my first destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico.

Desiree + Chris | Engagement Session | Dallas, Tx | Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

I’m so thrilled to finally share this engagement session for more than one reason. One, I met Desiree back in middle school and it’s the most fun getting to witness people you’ve known since your awkward teenage years, majorly glow up and get engaged. I mean yeah, it makes me feel hella old but it’s still pretty awesome. Especially when they hire you to shoot their wedding (insert celebration emoji here)!! Two, it’s in a bowling alley y’all. Need I say more?

Desiree and Chris’ love story began with a Facebook poke about a decade ago. Friends first and then with a graduation from the friend zone in 2015, they were official. They love to travel, hence the romantic proposal in Rome, breweries, and true crime (YES). I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been following their sweet, adorable relationship all over social media.

For their engagement session, I knew it wouldn’t be your regular outdoorsy shoot. Not for these two. So we headed down to Dallas for an early morning session at Bowlounge. The super eclectic bowling alley a hop, skip, and a jump away from downtown. The venue was super accommodating and even let us come in an hour before they opened just so we could have a little fun. Shout out to Kelsey the events manager!

We had a blast that morning and avoided some chilly weather. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Desiree and Chris’ engagement session.

Mrs. Grisham | Bridal Session | The Springs Rockwall Manor

I have been dying to share Hayley’s stunning bridal session at the The Springs Rockwall Manor since I drove away from the venue. Of course, I had to be patient and now that Mr. and Mrs. Grisham are finally officially married (the wedding was gorgeous by the way, I will 100% be sharing once it’s done) I can finally show off these bridals!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the new Mrs. Grisham’s session…




John + Carolyn | Engagement Session | Flower Mound, Tx

Here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex we have had almost nonstop rain lately. Good for the greenery, bad for photographers who like to shoot in the yummy outdoor sunlight. Funny thing is, it was consistently on the weekend. Like the weather knew that’s when all photographers are the busiest. Thanks Mother Nature!

So when the rain cleared up, it was finally time to shoot John and Carolyn’s engagement session. The session went perfectly and I think I will require everyone to wear sequins because OMG SO GORGEOUS!

I cannot wait for their wedding at the Marty Leonard Chapel later this month! That venue is on my photographers bucket list and I’m over the moon about the opportunity to shoot there.

Here are some of my favorite shots from John and Carolyn’s beautiful sunset engagement session in Flower Mound, Texas.




The Walker Wedding | Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden| Dallas, Tx

Some weddings aren’t big at all and that’s just fine. You only really need a handful of things. An officiant, a witness or two, and a couple that’s ready to spend their lives together. This wedding had all of those plus a little bit more.

It seems only fitting that since I’ve been with them from the very beginning, from the maternity to the bridals,  that I would be there for Stephen and Samantha’s beginning as man and wife.

They say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, well if that’s true, then these two are set forever.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the Walker wedding on August 11, 2018 at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Congratulation y’all!